Thursday 31st December 2015 – Sunday 3rd January 2016


I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and I’d like to wish you all, the best of wishes for 2016!

What a week it’s has been. The Boxing Day floods, the continuation of crazy well-above-average mild temperatures and then a brief flirt with #StormFrank. Here’s what to expect as we see out 2015 and welcome in the New Year.

New Year’s Eve (Thursday) will have some early showers around. These move away to introduce some brief bright spells. More showers into the afternoon with some gusty winds. Feeling colder especially in the breeze and some thunder or hail in the showers can’t be ruled out. If you’re out later on celebrating, it should be drier and in fact quite cold with some ice or frost forming during the night. Max 7°C.

Cold Start to Jan 1st

A cold and possibly icy/frosty start to January the 1st

After a cold start it looks set fair on Friday as 2016 arrives. Plenty of dry weather around during the day with bright spells and feeling much more seasonal. Winds picking up later in the day and overnight. Cold. Max 5°C.

It will feel quite chilly on Saturday with a keen southeasterly wind. It should start dry but cloudy and bands of rain are expected into the afternoon. Max 8°C.

A similar story into Sunday. Cloudy with some rain around early on. This clears and we’ll hopefully see a drier slot before another low pressure to our southwest brings a risk of rain into the evening. Its track is still uncertain so we could escape with a dry afternoon/evening. Still a fresh breeze taking a little edge off the temperatures. Max 8°C.

Jet Stream Tracks South

Jet Stream slips just that bit further South next week

Looking ahead into next week and the Jet Stream tracks slightly further south so it shouldn’t be as wild or as mild but still some rain or showers around. Cool too, so all-in-all a more typical feel to our weather.

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