Thursday 11th August 2016 – Sunday 14th August 2016

Hi all,

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my tweets recently, you will notice that we have some warmer, possibly hot, weather on the way. This is still the case, but the length of the heat and how hot it becomes is fluctuating daily. The usual media bull is out there again saying it will last 2 weeks. At the time of writing this blog, it’s more like 2-3 days. So ignore their lies.

Thursday: Cloudy with some rain during the morning. Hopefully, bar some hill-drizzle, all of the rain should ease away into the afternoon but it will still remain cool and cloudy. Max 17°C.

Friday: Bright spells and some thicker cloud at times which could produce some showers, especially in northern parts. Windy at times and temperatures improving. Max 19°C.

The weekend doesn’t look too bad. Sunday the best day I reckon.

Saturday: A mainly cloudy morning which could see some light rain or drizzle. Drier with bright spells into the afternoon and with lighter winds feeling pleasant. Max 18°C.

Sunday: Becoming warmer with sunny spells developing. Max 21°C.


Hot air being dragged up from Spain is responsible for next week’s heat

Next week sees it become very warm or even hot into Monday/Tuesday but it will only last two or three days. We will have sunny spells but it will be muggy and we could see temperatures peaking at 27°C, before it turns cooler from midweek, with maybe a thundery breakdown. I have been tweeting about this possible heat next week and will continue to do so. There is still a chance this doesn’t happen at all [or even be slightly hotter and last longer] and I’ll be keeping you updated on Twitter, @ChadWeather.


Brief Hot Spell – At the moment Tuesday looks the hottest day next week 


heat gone

Westerly winds cool the air and move the heat away as we enter Wed/Thu

July 2016 Stats

Av. Temp 15.4°C
Max Temp 29.7°C (19th)
Min Temp 7.3°C (2nd)
Wettest Day 15mm (11th)
Highest Gust 31mph (2nd)
Rainfall 66.6mm
Rainy Days 18

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Forecast issued Wednesday 10th August 2016 at 17:20

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