Thursday 15th December 2016 – Sunday 18th December 2016

Hi all,

Not long until Christmas and with the big day in range of our long-term forecast models, we can start to get an idea of what the 25th will be like.

Latest suggestion goes for a mild start with temperatures of 8°C, with rain left over from Christmas Eve, clearing during the morning. More updates on Twitter as we approach the festitives.


A mild start to Christmas Day? Certainly no big freeze as per media stories

Thursday: Mostly cloudy and dull. Some rain at times with some drier spells now and again. Plenty of hill-fog and low-cloud. Something we have been used to lately. Max 10°C

Friday: Another cloudy day with low-cloud and some localised drizzle. Mostly dry in the evening as high pressure builds across the UK. Max 10°C

A mostly dry, cooler and settled weekend ahead but sunshine lacking.

Saturday & Sunday: Plenty of dry weather but also a lot of cloud after a cold misty start in places. Some brightness sneaking through, but with plenty of cloud trapped under the high pressure, don’t be banking on it. Cooler. Max 8°C


Dry start to next week perhaps replaced by wind and rain towards midweek

Looking ahead: High pressure in charge for Monday and Tuesday with dry conditions. Wind and rain spreading from the west midweek. Around average temperatures. No sign of any snow.

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Forecast Issued: 15:35 on Wednesday the 14th of December 2016

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