Thursday 22nd December 2016 – Boxing Day 2016

Hi all,

First I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you all enjoy the festivities despite this forecast.

Deep snow? Nah, we have wind and rain to look forward to, and possibly two named storms. After the recent stagnant weather this is a noticeable change especially after a quiet December with rainfall only at 40% of the monthly average.

Thursday: A chilly start with some frost and localised icy patches. Sunny spells and breezy with a risk of a shower or two. These could fall as hail. Feeling cold. Max 7°C

Storm Barbara approaching the U.K.

Friday: A little milder but really not noticeable as Storm Barbara arrives bringing heavy rain after a dry start. It will be windy with gusts of 50mph likely. Weather warning in place. Exposed places could see 60mph. Watch my tweets for updates. Max 10°C

Christmas Eve: Remaining windy with some blustery showers and feeling cold. More rain and wind overnight. Max 8°C

A very mild Christmas Day but colder overnight into Boxing Day

Christmas Day: Early rain, mild and very strong winds. Weather warning in place. There is still some uncertainity about this ‘storm’ and its track. If it develops to be strong enough to be named it will be Storm Conor but at the moment it doesn’t look like it will develop into a system like the one on Friday. During the day we could see gusts to 50mph once again. Later on the rain clears to some scattered blustery showers. Some colder air feeds in overnight, so we could see hail and even some sleet or wet snow to the hills. Max 11°C

The weather calms down as high pressure builds after Boxing Day

Boxing Day and the following few days: Still windy initially then much improved as high pressure builds and the weather eventually ‘relaxes’. Plenty of drier conditions with a risk of some frosts overnight. Chilly at first but maybe becoming slowly milder. Max 7°C

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Forecast issued: 11:00am on Wednesday the 21st of December 2016


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