Thursday 8th October 2015 – Sunday 11th October 2015

Hi all,

After a lengthy settled spell, some autumnal conditions returned earlier this week but as we enter this forecast period, high pressure slips over the UK. A lot of media have been banging on about ex-hurricane Joaquin racing across the Atlantic towards the UK. At this moment, the deep area of low pressure is likely to dart towards France and northern Spain, so not affecting the UK. 

After a muggy few days it’s now cooler and fresher and this will be felt on Thursday with a chilly start with local ground frost. A reasonable day follows with sunny spells and mainly dry. Low risk of a shower. Max 15°C.

The nice weather continues on Friday with it being dry with plenty of bright spells. Light winds as well so not feeling too bad. Max 15°C.

Mainly dry weather over the weekend but cloud amounts will be variable and a cool breeze from the east will pick up.

Saturday will be bright after a cold start with some mist or fog patches slow to clear. Feeling fresh in the afternoon breeze. Showers or rain could sneak in from the east overnight especially over the hillier areas. Max 14°C.

Sunday brings bright spells and turning dry after some early showers. Again a cool breeze. Max 14°C.

Looking ahead it seems the high pressure will stay close by keeping it mainly dry with bright spells. If Joaquin changes path then so will next week’s forecast, so keep your eye on Twitter.

September 2015 Stats: Warmest 20.5°C; Coldest 5.8°C; Wettest 16.8mm; Windiest 28mph; Total Rainfall 46mm.
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