Thursday 15th October 2015 – Sunday 18th October 2015

Hi all,

High pressure remains in charge of our weather and is established away to our east introducing cold winds. Of course no snow, crazy media talk as usual, but some parts of Eastern Europe have seen an early snowfall. Looking ahead little change. 

A cold and possibly foggy start to Thursday with a touch of ground frost. A day of sunny spells to follow with a chance of a shower in the east. Cold breeze. Max 13°C.

Friday is likely to see more in the way of cloud and a shower or two can’t be ruled out. Again some bright spells and a cold east to northeast breeze. Max 13°C.

I wish I could promise something more interesting over the weekend but I can’t. 

Saturday and Sunday similar days. Sunny spells at times but also a lot of cloud coming in on a chilly northeasterly wind. Any cloud breaks overnight will lead to mist and fog patches and a local ground frost. Max 11-13°C.

No immediate change on the horizon (boring) but it won’t be long before the high pressure slips away and we see a more unsettled theme return. 

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Thanks for reading. 


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