Thursday 14th April 2016 – Sunday 17th April 2016

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As I write it’s a decent day out there with the sun now feeding us some warmth as we approach mid-April. It is now registering UV levels at 3-4 which is enough to start building up your sun tan. But, April is a funny month. It can see temperatures close to 20°C but also be cold enough for wintry showers or even snow as we saw last Saturday. In true fashion we have another change on the way.

After a lovely Wednesday, Thursday will be cooler with more cloud. As well as bright spells some showers are likely especially during the early afternoon. Max 12°C.

snow risk

A risk of some snow Friday into Saturday

Friday sees the weather go downhill as rain develops across the region. It will feel cooler and then later in the day even cooler as Arctic air arrives. There is a chance that some of the rain could turn to sleet and even wet-snow. This is most likely over the higher ground, a bit similar to last Saturday. Max 8°C.

The weekend will slowly improve as high pressure nudges in from the west or north-west.

Saturday will see early rain, sleet or snow clear, then slowly drier with some bright spells. Certainly a cool feel to the day and a frost with some mist or fog likely overnight. Max 8°C.

Turning Colder from the North this weekend

Arctic air arrives meaning temperatures will be below average this weekend

After a cold start, Sunday seems to be the best day of the weekend with sunny spells. It should remain dry and although cool it will feel pleasant if you’re out in the sunshine. Another frost overnight with some fog likely. Max 9°C.

frosts this weekend

Frosts expected this weekend

Next week looks settled, cool and mainly dry as high pressure slips in and temperatures slowly recover.


High Pressure for early next week keeping it settled

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Forecast issued at 13:50 on Wednesday the 13th of April 2016

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