Thursday 27th October 2016 – Sunday 30th October 2016


October is still on course to be an exceptionally dry month as it comes to an end with little rain to speak of.

With winter on the horizon, the talk (if you can call it that) has already started of “120 days of snow.” etc., etc. There are signs that this winter has a much better chance of being colder-than-average and hence increase the chance of snow, but as always, things can change.

If you would like more detail and not an over-the-top complex view of what our winter set-up could be like, then read my friend’s article,

Currently, we have low pressure to our northwest and high pressure to our south, with us sandwiched in between. We now have a westerly flow so we are milder than recently.

Thursday: Quite cloudy with limited bright spells. Some passing drizzle or light rain possible at times especially on high ground. Breezy but mild. Max 14°C

Friday: Little change. Plenty of cloud and mild. Less of a breeze hopefully. Some localised drizzle but most places staying dry. Max 14°C

Saturday: A dry day with mostly cloudy conditions. Any early mist will lift. Light winds with high pressure close by. Max 13°C

Sunday: Rain could be pushing into western parts of the U.K. but we look to remain dry once again with mostly cloudy skies. Some brightness possible in eastern parts. Max 13°C

Slowly a change to a north or northwesterly airflow next week

Next Week: Not guaranteed but it’s looking more and more likely that winds will turn to come from a colder northerly or northwesterly direction as the week progresses. This will bring sunny spells, the odd shower and daytime temperatures in single-figures as well as possible frosty nights.

Our weather is always changing so keep up to date by following @ChadWeather on Twitter.


Forecast issued at 12:15pm on Wednesday 26th of October 2016

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