Thursday 5th April 2018 – Sunday 8th April 2018

Hi all,

Winter has had a final few bites at us over the past few weeks, with some snowfalls and the bitter wind from the ‘Beast from the East 2’. We even managed snow on Easter Sunday, but don’t be surprised. Snow at Easter is more likely than snow at Christmas. March overall was a colder-than-average month but much drier than normal. It did actually rain on 23 days of the 31, but amounts were small. Is that the last of the snow? Yes, I think so.

UV Levels 04-04-2018

UV levels up to 3 and 4 on Thursday. Time to soak up the sun’s rays.













A cold and frosty start for some, but a lovely day ahead with pleasant sunny spells. Dare I say it, UV levels are now up to 3-4 which means you will catch the sun if you’re out in it for a few hours and we’ll soon we talking about sun-cream again! Max 11°C

Friday: A dry morning with sunny spells. Cloud increasing into the afternoon with rain arriving after dark. Milder as winds increase and drag up air from the southwest. Max 13°C

Saturday: Cloudy with some rain but this should ease away during the day with some bright spells developing later on. A few evening showers are possible. Max 12°C

Sunday: A mostly overcast day but some sunny spells developing later and it should be mostly dry. Any decent sunny spells will lift the temperatures quickly. Max 13°C

Outlook: A cloudy set-up and quite cool. Perhaps signs of something a little warmer past mid-month. Sooner or later a decent Spring spell will arrive.

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March 2018 Stats

Max 13.7°C (10th)
Min -5.9°C (1st)
Av. 4.4°C (colder than average)
Wettest 8.2mm
Windiest 47mph
Rain 51.8mm (57% of average)
Rainy Days 23
Dry Days 8
Air Frosts 8 (more than average)
Snow Falling Days 4
Snow Lying Days 6


Forecast Issued at 5pm on Wednesday the 4th of April 2018.


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