Thursday 17th May 2018 – Sunday 20th May 2018

Hi all,

May is turning out to be a decent month and this settled, warm pattern with little rain, is set to continue. I’m sure we will pay for this during the summer months so grab it while you can.

Thursday: Still not as warm as earlier in the week but a good day in prospect. Sunny spells with yesterday’s breeze easing. Max 15°C

Friday: Settled with lengthy spells of sunshine. Temperatures back on the rise. Max 17°C

Weekend: Simply lovely.

Saturday: Warm with sunshine across the region. Light winds so really feeling summer-like. Max 21°C

Sunday: Little change. Just probably more in the way of cloud bubbling up especially so in eastern parts. Warm and dry. Max 21°C

Outlook: Similar to last Wednesday on Monday with cloud spreading down from the northwest. This will bring a very weak band of rain which will fizzle out. It will turn cooler though. After that high pressure reestablishes itself so we will be dry and become warmer again with sunny spells.

Looking towards the Bank Holiday Weekend and it currently pans out with high pressure in charge which means warm sunny weather – but don’t take this literally this far out.

Remember at this time of year the sun is as strong as late-July, UV levels are HIGH at 6, so apply sun-cream if you’re planning to be out in it for a while, otherwise you will burn regardless of what the temperature is.

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Forecast issued at 5:45pm on Wednesday the 16th of May 2018.


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