Cold & Unsettled – Thursday 12th December 2019 – Sunday 15th December 2019

Hi all,

It’s certainly feeling like winter now with plenty of rain about and cold, especially so in the wind. I’m getting asked a lot about when the snow is coming, all fuelled by the usual tabloid nonsense, **rolls eyes**. There is some snow potential in this forecast and we take our first look at Christmas Day.

Thursday: Perhaps a slight frost to start with a little brightness. Cloud thickening from the south-west and rain arrives during the day with a short spell of sleet or wet-snow on the tops of the Pennines. Cold. Max 6°C

Friday: Low pressure in charge leading to a showery day but with some bright spells in between. Breezy. Max 6°C

Weekend: Showery and cold.

Saturday: A little cooler with wintry showers and bright spells. Some of the showers falling as hail and above 350M some will be sleety and perhaps in the heavier bursts fall as snow. Max 5°C

Sunday: Breezy and the morning should start bright, especially in the east. Some showers will arrive from the west as the day progresses, again some wintry especially on the hills but this is not set in stone. There will be a band of rain across southern England that could give some snow on its northern edge. At this stage the northern extend of the band seems to be the Midlands but could potentially be further north. Look out for updates on Twitter. Max 6°C

snow midlands

Chance of snow Saturday night into Sunday – all depends on the low’s location

Outlook: Not as windy to start with bright spells and showers and remaining cold. Later in the week we can expect some wet and windy weather to return as low pressure systems come in from the Atlantic and with it some milder spells.

Just for Fun: Current Christmas Day forecast: After a mild Christmas Eve, Christmas Day looks colder with a few wintry showers, a brisk northwesterly breeze and temperatures just slightly below normal. Max 5°C

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 11th of December at 12:25pm

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