Thursday 28th January 2016 – Sunday 31st January 2016

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It’s wet and wild whilst I write this blog. Not dissimilar to yesterday when ex-storm Jonas, which brought parts of the U.S. 2-3 feet of snow, rattled across the UK. This is a sure sign that the Jet Stream is back in charge of our weather, depressing news for proper cold- and snow-lovers.

The next few days sees an up-and-down trend in temperatures across the region as we swing from one side of the Jet Stream to the other.

powerful jet

A powerful Jet Stream still controlling our weather

After a mostly wet, windy and mild Wednesday we sit on the cold side of the Jet Stream on Thursday. A cold start with a rural frost; so perhaps some deicing before work for some. Feeling much colder with sunny spells but cloud increases during the day with some rain or showers expected into the afternoon, some heavy. Winds will again increase; gale-force gusts overnight. Cold during daylight hours but temperatures rising again into the evening. Max 8°C.

Again it is milder into Friday but it will not feel so with very windy conditions. Gusts to 55mph in exposed places is likely, especially so during the morning. Showers at times on the westerly wind and more general rain overnight. Max 12°C.

I did say a few days ago that we won’t see any more snow in January. Saturday will be cold enough for some wintry showers so we could see some hail and possibly some sleet or snow showers in areas above 350M. Not exactly a major snow-event but a reminder that it’s winter and enough for the Met Office to issue a warning for further north. Max 5°C.

wintry showers on sat net

Wintry showers with some snow to higher ground is possible on Saturday

snow warning

Warning for snow and ice issued for Cumbria showing winter is still close by

Overnight into Sunday and it looks like rain will return from the south-west and with it milder temperatures once more. Certainly weather that can’t make its mind up. Max 11°C.

mild temps from the SW on Sun

After a colder Saturday; milder air returns from the south-west during Sunday

Looking ahead and next week could start with more gales on Monday. After that, sunshine and showers with tempertures back down into single-figures. I’m still going for a chance of some decent cold and bitter temperatures from mid-February. As always, no-one knows and this is just my hunch.

more gales on Monday

Next week starts with more gale-force gusts

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Forecast issued at 14:00 on Wednesday 27th January 2016

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