Thursday 25th October 2018 – Sunday 28th October 2018

Hi all,

Much colder weather is on the way with an airflow that originates from the Arctic. A lot of talk about snow this week, but as usual, all over-hyped. That said, it will be unusually cold for the time of year and some snow will fall in Scotland and on Northern hills.

Thursday: Cloudy with a cold westerly breeze, most places dry until a bit of evening drizzle or light rain. Max 12°C

Cold Air floods South

Cold air floods South across the UK over the next few days

Friday: Some showery rain in the morning followed by brighter skies and a few sharp showers which may contain hail and thunder, and, fall as sleet or snow on the tops of the Pennines. These will ease away into the evening and move back towards the coast. Feeling much colder in that brisk northwesterly wind. Some localised frost overnight. Max 8°C

Saturday: Bright and windy with sunny spells. Some cloud bubbling up during the day especially in eastern areas, where we may see the odd shower which could be wintry over the tops. All places dry by late afternoon and evening, and a frost is expected overnight. Again feeling bitter with a northerly air flow. Max 7°C

Sunday: Most places will see plenty of sunshine after a cold start. No showers are expected, so dry but still feeling very cold for the time of year. Max 9°C

Outlook: Bright to start and still cold. Turning cloudier midweek with some light rain at times and slowly turning milder as winds turn more westerly.

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Have a great weekend everyone,

Issued: Wednesday the 24th of October 2018 at 7:05pm

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