Thursday 27th September 2018 – Sunday 30th September 2018

Hi all,

Official Autumn is now here and there were a few chilly days earlier this week. Monday morning started with a widespread ground-frost. Lows of 3°C were recorded and grass temperatures dropped to below freezing, -0.5°C. Still time for an Indian Summer but nothing in the immediate forecast.

Thursday: A cloudy morning but remaining dry. After a few warmer days, cooler air is on the way. Once this cloud clears later to a few sunny spells, that cooler airmass will arrive. Max 16°C

Friday: A fresh start and certainly a different feel to the weather with a northerly airflow. That said, a decent day ahead with plenty of sunshine and light winds. Max 13°C

Weekend: Mostly dry but cool.

Saturday and Sunday: Pretty much similar days. Plenty of cloud but some brightness at times, especially in eastern parts. Also, a little breezy and from a cool northwesterly direction. Remaining dry though, with high pressure close by. Max 12-13°C

Outlook: High pressure staying in charge and anchored to the west of the UK. This means north to northwesterly winds will flow across the region. Remaining cool with bright spells. Any thicker cloud could produce some drizzle, especially over the hills. Any clear spells overnight leading to localised ground-frost and misty mornings.

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Forecast Issued at 4:25pm on Wednesday the 26th of September 2018.


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