Thursday 4th October 2018 – Sunday 7th October 2018

Hi all,

Autumn is well and truly here after some frosty mornings and a chill in the air. There is still a chance of an Indian Summer but time is running out and everything points towards October being slightly cooler than average.

Thursday – Bright spells and remaining dry. Breezy at times but coming from a warm direction. Max 16°C

Friday – Mostly cloudy but it should remain dry for the morning. Still quite mild but a little cooler as patchy rain arrives into the afternoon and late-evening. Max 14°C

WeekendSunday looks the best day.

Saturday – Rain lingering for most of the day and feeling cold. Some uncertainty on how heavy the rain gets. A fresh breeze from the north. Max 9°C

Sunday – A chilly start, perhaps a touch of ground-frost then a decent day with plenty of sunny spells and lighter winds. Less cold and dry. Max 13°C

Outlook – Changeable. Breezy with spells of rain at times but days of sunny spells in between. Most of the rain to the northwest. Temperatures around average.

September 2018 Stats

Max 23.1°C (2nd)
Min 3.2°C (24th)
Av. 12.5°C
Wettest 26mm (20th)
Windiest 40mph
Rain 85mm
Rain Days 18
Dry Days 12

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Forecast Issued at 10:45am on Wednesday the 3rd of October 2018.


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