Thursday 13th November – Sunday 16th November

Issued 10am on Wednesday 12th November


Thursday will start with a drier morning after the recent rain. It will be windy with a keen southeasterly flow taking the edge off the temperatures. Bright spells but cloudier later with rain into late-afternoon. Highs 12°C.

Friday sees any early rain sweep across the region with some heavy bursts possible but soon clearing to a day of bright spells and the odd shower. Less wind with highs of 12°C. Possibly foggy overnight.

The weekend starts with a better day on Saturday once any fog clears. Further rain should stay away to our south-west and northeast leaving us sandwiched in between with bright spells but with low pressure nearby we can’t rule out a late shower. Highs of 11°C.

Sunday pretty much the same. Bright spells with an isolated shower or two. There will be some rain to our southwest so one to keep an eye on in case it tracks further north-eastwards. Highs of 11°C.

Looking ahead low pressure stays close by; so unsettled at times with some showery rain. Hints of maybe something cooler and more settled towards the end of the month, but for now no signs of anything cold and frosty.

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Thursday 25th September – Sunday 28th September

Issued Weds 24th Sept @ 11:30am

Hi all,

Even after some rain this week, September is certainly going to go down as one of the driest I’ve ever recorded.

Thursday will be a breezy day and feeling quite cool with mainly cloudy conditions and some scattered showers. Highs of 17’C.

Not much change into Friday. Generally cloudy with a few bright spells. Again we can’t rule out some showery rain, especially early on, followed hopefully by a nicer evening. Highs of 17’C

Into the weekend I am expecting some improvement and a drier picture.

After a chilly start, Saturday will be a bright day with some sunny spells and winds should be lighter too making it feel a little warmer. It should remain dry. Highs of 18’C.

A dry day is expected on Sunday as well but as well as some bright or sunny spells, a lot of cloud is expected. Highs of 18’C.

Looking ahead there are some signs that later next week some warmer air will creep up from France and introduce a warmer spell. It’s still a week away, so only a chance for now but fingers crossed.

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Thursday 29th May – Sunday 1st June


After a wet spell it looks like improving as we head towards the weekend.

Thursday will see a damp morning with some periods of rain which will slowly ease away southwards. The afternoon sees the rain become patchy and turn showery so slightly drier in places. Highs of 15’C.

The weather now improves as high pressure builds in.

Friday promises to be a dry day with variable amounts of cloud. Low risk of an early shower but soon bright spells for most of the day and feeling a bit more pleasant with highs of 17’C.

Similar as we enter Saturday. Hopefully more in the way of sunshine too with warm sunny spells and light winds. Very nice for being outdoors. Highs of 19’C.

Sunday will again be a reasonable day with warm bright spells. Maybe a little more cloud than Saturday, so later on we can’t rule out an isolated shower. Highs of 18’C.

Looking ahead it looks unsettled into next week, so no sign of summer just yet.

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Thursday 6th March – Sunday 9th March


Some good news folks! Could we have a dry week ahead next week? Looking good.

A disappointing day on Thursday. Generally cloudy for most of the day with light rain and drizzle at times. Highs of 11’C.

Friday sees a wet morning with rain at times. This will push away south-east and a drier afternoon awaits with some brightness. Mild, highs of 11’C.

We start to drag in some “warmer” air over the weekend so temperatures will hopefully start to reflect Springtime.

Saturday looks a dry and bright day after any early drizzle eases. Feeling milder with highs of 13’C possible. Still a fair amount of cloud about though.

Sunday may drag more cloud across the region as the day progress and some outbreaks of light rain or drizzle are possible to the west by the afternoon. However, I’m hoping it stays at bay and with some bright spells we may locally sneak 14-15’C. The warmest day of the year likely.

Looking ahead it looks decent for the remainder of the week. High pressure in charge so lots of dry weather around and sunny spells. Mild temperatures during the day, around 11-12’C, but still with chilly, possibly frosty, foggy nights. We are in March after all.

February 2014 Stats: Warmest: 12.2’C; Coldest: -0.9’C; Wettest Day: 13.8mm; Windiest: 72mph (record); Total Rainfall: 81.4mm.
Also we saw 24 rainy days out of 28. Certainly a wet, miserable month.


Thursday 27th February – Sunday 2nd March


We have had some mild temperatures recently but as we enter the meteorological Spring it looks set to turn slightly cooler with some night-time frosts.

Thursday sees any rain from overnight quickly clearing away eastwards on a fresh breeze. This then leaves a day of sunshine and some wintry showers with possible hail or thunder for the afternoon. Feeling cooler than recently, especially in the breeze, with highs of 7’C.

Generally a day of bright spells and the odd shower for Friday. However, there is a risk of some rain pushing up from the south which may give some wet-snow on the hills. It looks frosty and icy overnight. Highs of 6’C.

Cold start on Saturday with some places below freezing as we enter March. Some isolated showers are expected during the day but also with some bright spells. Highs of 6’C.

Sunday looks a reasonable day. Drier and a little milder. Bright spells across the region after an early shower-risk. Highs of 8’C.

Looking ahead temperatures look to stay around average and we will continue to see some showers at times but not as unsettled as recent weeks.

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Thursday 13th February – Sunday 16th February


After severe gales yesterday and some snow in the 24 hours previous, the weather has been all-go recently.

Thursday will still be a very windy day with some scattered wintry showers which may fall as hail and snow on the hills. Feeling cold and turning chilly overnight with a slight frost and ice-risk. Highs of 5’C.

Friday starts cold and bright for much of the morning but soon becoming overcast with rain pushing up from the south during the afternoon with a strengthening south-easterly wind. Highs of 6’C.

Any early rain clearing on Saturday after giving some hill-snow for a time. Following on, bright spells and heavy wintry showers. Windy. Cold. Highs of 5’C.

Sunday looks the best day of the weekend. Bright spells and generally dry but don’t rule out the odd shower. Feeling cold though with highs of 5’C.

Generally drier and more settled next week after some rain early and late.

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