Our decent weather continues, but increasing chance of a shower – Thursday 23rd April 2020 – Sunday 26th April

Hi all,

WOW – the weather really is on a decent run at the moment. I can’t remember when we last had so many dry and sunny days grouped together, and, it is set to continue for some time yet. But, is that a change I can see on the horizon?

Thursday: After a windy week, it will start to become calmer allowing temperatures to rise and with those two changes, it will feel very pleasant indeed. Morning low-cloud or mist will clear leading to another day of sunshine. Max 19°C

Friday: Similar. Misty start then warm and sunny. Light winds. Perfect. Max 19°C

Weekend: Eventually cooler; shower-risk.

Saturday: Warm with sunny spells. Cloud could bubble up later leading to a low chance of a shower. Max 18°C

Sunday: A slight change of wind direction, to a northerly, will introduce slightly cooler air. Dry with sunny spells continuing but an increased chance of a shower brewing; one to watch on the radar. Max 15°C

Outlook: Cooler than the previous week with sunny spells and cloud amounts increasing. Temperatures returning back to normal. Risk of thicker cloud midweek with some showery rain towards Friday.

Throughout this forecast UV levels will be around 5 (high end of medium) so remember your sun-cream. Pollen levels will be high until lowering next week.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 22nd of April 2020 at 7:10pm.

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