Enjoy Thursday’s Sunshine as Cloud Returns – Thursday 20th January 2022 – Sunday 23rd January 2022

Hi all,

We have seen high pressure after high pressure mostly in charge of our weather. During winter this can mean fog and frost and we’ve certainly seen a few of those conditions recently.

The disappointing side has been some persistent cloud topping over the high pressure from the north-west, becoming trapped across the region leading to cold, dank days.

Where sunshine has made an appearance we have had some wonderful winter sunshine. Looking at the forecast and outlook, I suspect February will be payback for all the uneventful weather.

Middle Naden Reservoir – Wednesday had some lovely sunny skies once the cold-front cleared.

So far in January we have only recorded 31.4mm of rain, way below the average and with little rainfall to come, this will turn out to be a very dry month.

Thursday: A frosty start then a decent day with sunny spells developing. Breezy the further west you are. Feeling chilly. Max 5°C

Friday: After a frosty start it looks like the sunshine won’t match Thursday as cloud topples in from the north-west again. Signs of us falling back into a pattern that we saw last week. Light winds and remaining dry, best of any sunshine in the east. Max 6°C

Weekend: Little change.

Saturday: A mostly cloudy day with limited brightness. Some areas seeing misty conditions throughout. Just the chance of some drizzle or light rain where cloud is at its thickest. Max 6°C

Sunday: A little cooler with the risk of some fog patches which could last all day. Due to the cloud-cover being mostly overcast again, frost unlikely. Max 5°C

Monday & the rest of the week: The stationary weather conditions continues with high pressure still controlling our weather. Due to a lot of cloud, frosts will be patchy or limited, and daytime sunny spells at a premium. Temperatures around or just above normal. No sign of any significant cold or snow, certainly not in January. The signs are there for rain and wind to return as we enter February, which I’m sure will be more of a mobile, eventful month weather-wise.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 19th of January 2022 at 8:45pm.

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