Is that the last of the snow? – Thursday 16th March 2023 – Sunday 19th March 2023

Hi all,

It’s certainly been a wintry week with Thursday and into Friday morning seeing some large snowfall totals, and drifts, especially so to the north-east of Manchester. We also saw some sleet & snow showers in days that followed and then a lovely hailstorm (graupel) with snow and thundersnow on its back edge on Tuesday morning. But, with milder air now in place and rain and more rain to come, have we seen the last of the snow?

A couple of photos of the snow drifts up in the hills last Friday morning. Images: @RhodesRuth and @Hoggy80 on Twitter
But now a change with 35-50mm of rain expected over the next 6 days.
We have a weather warning in place for persistent rain: Wednesday evening and into Thursday.

Thursday: Cloudy with heavy rain continuing for the morning at least. It should eventually ease during the late-afternoon to leave some patchy drizzle. Windy and mild with a south-westerly airflow. Max 11°C

Friday: A fresh southerly breeze will bring up some showers into the afternoon after a mostly dry and cloudy morning. Very mild for the time of year with some favourable spots seeing the mid-teens. Max 14°C

Very mild on Friday making it the warmest day of the year so far but don’t be expecting wall-to-wall sunshine.

Weekend: More rain to come.

Saturday: Low pressure and with winds eventually swinging more westerly it won’t be quite as mild. Generally cloudy with scattered showers. Max 12°C

Sunday: The lack of sunshine continues with mostly cloudy skies. Although the morning seems dry for some, the cloud will tend to thicken quickly and bring a spell of rain, heavy at times from the southwest which could warrant a warning. Cooler but not by much. Max 10°C

Outlook: Staying generally unsettled and rainfall amounts totting up. Temperatures remaining just above normal or even mild at times. Further spells of showers or rain with snow very unlikely. Could well be the last of it, but you know, we always get the odd wintry shower even in early-April so never say never.

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Thanks for reading as always and for everyone’s input over the past week with their snowy photos, videos and reports on local conditions on the roads.

Chadderton – Lovely scene after heavy graupel on Tuesday. Image: @ChadWeather.


Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 15th of March 2023 at 4:52pm.

Images: BBC Weather, Weather and Radar UK, & off Twitter @RhodesRuth and @Hoggy80.

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