Unsettled at first then much-improved and temperatures rise for a promising week – Thursday 13th April 2023 – Sunday 16th April 2023

Hi all,

As predicted we had a settled Easter and also much more sunshine than I thought. It wasn’t that warm on the thermometer but it was perfect during the day and the sun felt so warm. The sun is now as strong as late-August and suncream is needed if you don’t want to burn and are in the sun between 11am-3pm.

Our weather has now turned poor once again and it’s been a wet and windy week as well as being cooler as the Jet Stream drives weather systems across from the Atlantic.

But, good news, we have another settled spell on the way and with any luck temperatures could get close to 20°C. Only downside might be a nagging south-easterly or even easterly wind. Before this what do the next four days hold…..

Thursday: The low pressure of recent days, Storm Noa, is still affecting our weather. Feeling chilly with a brisk westerly wind and frequent showers. Windy with 30-35mph gusts especially in downpours. Chance of hail, and thunder and lightning. Max 9°C

The set-up on Thursday favours a very showery day.

Friday: Mostly cloudy with a few showers. Not as cold and not as windy. Risk of some evening rain which will clear overnight. Max 11°C

Weekend: Getting milder and drier.

Saturday: Sunny spells to start then cloud building. It is likely to stay dry. Temperatures edging up. Max 13°C

Sunday: A mostly cloudy day with some bright spells later. A southerly wind lifting temperatures, a sign of things to come. Max 16°C

Outlook: High pressure to our north-east introducing a, gusty at times, breeze from the south-east. Sunny spells and a lot of dry weather for most of the week with temperatures lifting to 17-19°C, depending on the wind direction/position of the high pressure. If winds turn easterly then the west will be the warmest place to be. With clear spells at night it will be chilly at times.

I’m hopeful this decent weather will still be around for next weekend. First BBQ of the season?

Above average temperatures favourable next week.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday 12th April 2023 at 8:20pm.
Images: http://www.wxcharts.com

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