Welcome sunshine – Thursday 25th February 2021 – Sunday 28th February 2021

Hi all,

We deserve this. After a cold and snowy spell, then mostly overcast and damp but mild conditions, a welcome change is on the way.

Thursday: We lose the cloud and mild conditions and turn a little fresher but that means some sunshine. So a nice day in store with sunny spells. Just the chance of a fleeting shower. Still mild for the time of year but fresher than recently. A chilly night to come under clear skies with a widespread ground-frost. Max 9°C Min 1°C

Friday: Some mist to start then a dry day with sunny spells. Some fair-weather cloud bubbling up now and again. Feeling pleasant in the sunshine. Again a cold night follows. Max 10°C Min 0°C

Weekend: Perfect to make a start on that garden.

Saturday: High pressure in charge but sunny spells might be reserved for later in the day as mist or fog is slow to clear. Max 9°C Min 1°C

Sunday: Another dry and decent day after early mist/ground-frost. Light winds so feeling pleasant with further sunny spells. Max 10°C Min 1°C

Outlook: Remaining settled, so mostly dry with some bright or sunny spells. Perhaps a south-easterly airflow setting up, so becoming a little cloudier and cooler as the wind freshens. Little rain to speak of and no sign of winter returning as we enter into Spring.

Here’s how the average temperatures panned out in 2020.

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Thanks for reading.

Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 24th of February 2021 at 7:50pm

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