Cooler with low rainfall amounts and colder weather lurking on the horizon – Thursday 23rd February 2023 – Sunday 26th February 2023

Hi all,

February is turning out to be a very dry month. Currently 15mm have fallen and not much in the forecast for the remainder of the month. The month’s average is about 90mm. After recent events, i.e. the SSW, Met Office – SSW, all the talk has been about a Beast from the East (BFTE), snow storms and blizzards to bring chaos to the UK. This is all media (BS!) speculation but there are signs, and these signs are growing, of the weather turning colder as we progress through the first week of March; which of course is the first month of Spring meteorologically-speaking.

Will there be a BFTE? No-one knows but don’t be surprised to see some frosts and snow back on the weather charts. One thing I like to do, is keep it real. No over-the-top, clickbait nonsense. Weather is very unpredictable looking ahead more than 5 days, even fewer days than that for snow, so look out for updates on Twitter.

The next 7 days sees little in the way of rainfall with only a couple of mms predicted.

Thursday: A frosty start in places. We’re due some sunshine and after any early hazy-cloud clears it should be a decent day with plenty of sunny spells. UV levels might even sneak to 2! Spring is coming. Feeling pleasant in direct sunlight and shelter but maximum temperatures in single-digits. Max 8°C

Friday: Looks more of a cloudier day with areas of cloud drifting in on a steady north-easterly wind which will be gusty at times. Max 9°C

Weekend: High pressure to take control but more cloud than sunshine.

High pressure moves in from the west to dominate the weekend’s weather but don’t expect wall-to-wall sunshine. Mist and fog likely.

Saturday: Light winds and a misty/foggy start is possible which will lift into low-cloud and lead to another mostly cloudy day. Bright spells breaking out in the odd lucky spot. Feeling cold with a raw wind (wind-chill around 2°C). Max 7°C

Sunday: Little change. Patchy frost to start under any clear spells. Dry and chilly but not as windy as Saturday. Max 8°C

Outlook: Generally dry and cool with little much on the agenda until towards next weekend where it looks to turn a little colder, more unsettled and perhaps with some wintry showers, falling as snow on high ground. No BFTE or a need to stock-up on food just yet! Although grab those tomatoes when you can!

After the first weekend of March, it seems the first effects of the SSW will be felt as much colder air floods down from the Arctic or from the northeast. One to watch over the coming days.

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Thanks for reading.

Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 22nd of February 2023 at 6:20pm.

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