Beefy showers with a thundery mix and quite humid at times – Thursday 4th May 2023 – Bank Holiday Monday 8th May 2023

Hi all,

That’s two months of Spring done and it’s not exactly been a warm one. Disappointing to be fair and you would think by now we would have had, or due imminently, a spell of maximum temperatures into the 20s, but nope, nothing on the horizon. April did come out with below-average rainfall though.

The next 10 days look set to be dominated by mostly west or south-westerly winds, so moist air, a bit humid at times and spells of rain or showers. With the sun having some strength at this time of the year, unstable air means convection and showers brew which could be thundery with hail.

Thursday: Windy, gusting 30mph, with some pleasant sunny spells at times. UV levels medium. Cloud increasing into the evening with showery rain arriving from the south-west signalling a change to more unsettled weather. Max 16°C

Looking at quite a bit of rain, over the next 7 days. Total amounts will vary due to localised downpours.

Friday: An unsettled day with hefty showers breaking out just about anywhere. These will be thundery with a risk of hail and also slow-moving with less of a breeze. Low risk of localised flooding in any downpours. Max 15°C

Downpours on Friday. Chance of thunder & lightning with hail.

Weekend: Sunday likely to be the driest or should I say least wet.

Saturday: A dry start but mostly cloudy. Showers arriving late-morning, if not then into the afternoon, again possibly thundery and hanging around for most of the day. A little humid. Max 16°C

Sunday: Showers are expected for the morning but hopefully it will tend to become drier into the afternoon but stay mostly cloudy. Pleasant in any bright spells. Max 16°C

Bank Holiday Monday: A generally cloudy and dry morning with some brightness. Showery rain expected again as the day progresses. Max 17°C

Outlook: Little change. If anything it might stay on the cool side with temperatures struggling to the mid-teens. Still no sign of our first 20°C. It really has been a poor Spring on the thermometer.

Wet days ahead and disappointing temperatures.

April 2023 Stats

Max 17.3°C (29th)
Min 0.0°C (25th)
Av. 8.2°C
Wettest 9.2mm (10th)
Av. Humidity 77%
Av. Barometer 1017.1 hPa
Max Gust 38mph
Av. Wind Direction SE
Rain 56mm (89% of average)
Rain Registered Days 14
Dry Days 16

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 3rd of May 2023 at 5:50pm

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