Briefly warmer but still no sign of an early taste of Summer – Thursday 11th May 2023 – Sunday 14th May 2023

Hi all,

What no Bank Holiday Monday. I was getting used to that! Also, no 20°C recorded yet this Spring. We got close on Sunday, with a high of 19.6°C at Chadderton HQ. Although Saturday has a squeak, the outlook suggests the wait goes on, but in previous years we’ve waited longer.

Date of first 20°C in the year…

2013: 6th May
2014: 17th May
2015: 4th June
2016: 8th May
2017: 22nd May
2018: 18th April
2019: 19th April
2020: 10th April
2021: 31st March
2022: 14th May
2023: ………

Don’t forget that the sun is now as strong as it is in late-July with UV levels approaching high. Don’t forget your sun-cream on not just sunny days but also bright days. You can always see the burntime on my hourly stats on Twitter @OldhamWxStats.

Thursday: A day of some bright spells and showers breaking out, some heavy and possibly thundery with hail. Max 16°C

Friday: High pressure starts to build. So it should be a mostly dry day with bright and sunny spells developing, after a cloudy start. Just the chance of the odd shower on the hills. A fresh north-easterly breeze picking up, becoming quite gusty, taking the edge off the temperature. Max 16°C

Weekend: Saturday looks best.

Saturday: Sunny spells developing and it should all-in-all be a nice day, especially the afternoon with lighter winds. Feeling warm and 20°C seems unlikely, but at this stage not out of the question. Max 18°C

Parts sheltered to the SW of Manchester have a chance of reaching 20°C on Saturday.

Sunday: High pressure will decline so we’re looking at a cloudier day in prospect, with winds now southerly, it will still feel reasonably warm. Rain likely overnight. Max 17°C

Outlook: Apart from a nice day on Tuesday, the week will be generally unsettled with showers, and temperatures below average, 13-16°C. A very warm summer-like spell is not likely for the foreseeable.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 10th of May 2023 at 6:35pm.

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