The cold continues but a much milder outlook – Thursday 11th February 2021 – Sunday 14th February 2021

Hi all,

Brrrrr! What a cold week it has been, with bitterly cold daytime temperatures (no ice days here though) and a gusty wind leading to a biting wind-chill from the east/north-east. I have stopped myself calling it the Beast from the East for us, as I think it’s not as cold and as snowy (away from the hills) as I rate a Beast from the East to be, you know, like February 2018. Due to the easterly set-up, some have seen more snow than others but everywhere has felt the chill. Tuesday night some areas saw -7°C and tonight could be even colder – but change is set to arrive next week.

Thursday: A severe frost to start with icy patches. A dry day with some sunny spells and a slight breeze developing. Still very cold. A frost to come overnight but not as severe as we will have a steady wind blowing. Max 2°C Min -3°C

Friday: Another dry day expected but slightly windier making it feel raw and with low dew points there will be a significant wind-chill. Frost early and late despite the wind. Max 1°C Min -2°C

Weekend: Some snow before the mercury rises.

Saturday: A strong south-easterly wind setting in. Mostly cloudy with a few bright spells and perhaps the odd snow flurry or light snow trying to come in from the west. There is currently a warning in place for several cms of snow but I’m not convinced. Bitterly cold especially in the wind. Low dew points and feeling more like -7°C. Max 1°C Min 0°C

Overnight Saturday: Any snow (if it even starts) is expected to fizzle out quickly then temperatures will rise as winds turn to a south-westerly or southerly.

Sunday: If the forecast goes to plan (i.e. most likely scenario) then another cloudy day with a fresh wind but the temperature rising further as milder air and some rain at times moves in. Windy. Max 7°C Min 3°C

Southerly winds by Monday as temperatures return to above normal

Outlook: Much milder, 10-12°C possible, windy with some further rain and a rapid thaw of any snow.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 10th of February 2021 at 8:10pm.

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