Record-breaking temperatures during historic heatwave – Thursday 21st July 2022 – Sunday 24th July 2022

Hi all,

As a weather enthusiast, that was an exciting few days to witness the hot plume of air bring us the promised boiling but short-lived (thankfully!) heatwave. Records looked set to be smashed and they were, nationally and locally as the UK hit 40°C for the first time ever. When we will see those kind of temperatures again I wonder? The heatwave had all the perfect ingredients to fuel astonishing temperatures. It’ll happen again, and maybe sooner than you think, but for now, that was the Perfect Sauna and personally it wasn’t pleasant.

New National Records

Unbelievable values

NW England Extremes (official) on Tuesday 19th July 2022

NW England Maximum Temperatures (unofficial sites) on Tuesday 19th July 2022

NW England Highest Minimum Temperatures (unofficial sites) on Tuesday 19th July 2022

New Records at Chadderton HQ

Highest Daytime Maximum: 36.6°C (19/07/2022)
Highest Night-time Minimum: 22.6°C (night of 18/07/2022)
Highest Temperature Recorded between 6pm & 6am: 28.5°C (19/07/2022)

For now we’re back to normal values, but we are still experiencing very low rainfall totals (only 5.6mm for July). So far we have had 6 out of the 7 months of 2022 with lower-than-average rainfall. The environment needs rain, clearly highlighted with the amount of wildfires seen this week.

Thursday: Generally cloudy with a chance of some light patchy rain or drizzle. A lucky few will see bright spells into the afternoon but still we can’t rule out a shower. A warm night. Max 20°C

Friday: Cloudy with a weak weather-front across the region. Today was looking promising a few days ago but not now with showers likely, perhaps thundery, so the odd heavy shower but not the widespread rain we need. Max 18°C

Weekend: Low pressure approaching but temperatures rising.

Saturday: A brief ridge of high pressure leading to a dry morning with plenty of sunny spells. Cloud bubbling up into the afternoon and showers will feed in on a warm south-westerly wind, gusty at times. Humid. Max 22°C

Sunday: Bright spells and showers, risk of a thundery one as low pressure takes control. Warm or very warm in any sunshine and muggy but fresher later/overnight as a cold-front moves through. Max 23°C

Outlook: Fresher and still showery on Monday and breezy. High pressure to build, Tuesday to Thursday, so plenty of dry and quite warm weather with sunny spells. Looks like this will slip away for the weekend allowing showery conditions to return. Temperatures just below average or around average.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 20th of July 2022 at 8:47pm
National Records & NW England Extremes:

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